Thierry Vircoulon

Project Director,Central Africa
Nairobi, Kenya


Thierry Vircoulon is a graduate from the French Public Management Institute (ENA) and the Institute for Political Studies in Paris. He holds a masters degree in Political Science from Sorbonne University. He has previously worked for the French Foreign Ministry and the European Commission, notably in South Africa and the Democratic Republic of Congo. Most of his work is focusing on governance and SSR. He is also part of the OECD group of experts on statebuilding and peacebuilding.


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  • South Africa in the times of Jacob Zuma, Paris, L’Harmattan, 2009 (ed).
  • Contribution to The history and dictionary of the police in France, edited by Jean Tulard, Robert Laffont, 2005.
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  • Contribution to the 100 key concepts to understand Africa, edited by Leymerie & Perret, 2006.
  • Coordinator of the special issues of Afrique contemporaine on South Africa, n°210, 2004/2 and on the Democratic Republic of Congo, n°227, 2008/3.
  • Yearly contributor to Ramses.