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Reconciliation in Sri Lanka: Harder than Ever,

 Asia Report N°209, 18 Jul 2011

President Mahinda Rajapaksa’s authoritarian and Sinhalese nationalist post-war policies are undermining prospects for reconciling Sri Lanka’s ethnic communities, weakening democracy for all Sri Lankans and increasing the risk of a return to violent conflict.

India and Sri Lanka after the LTTE,

Asia Report N°206, 23 Jun 2011

India needs to push Sri Lanka harder towards steps that will avert a return to violent conflict on the island.

War Crimes in Sri Lanka,

Asia Report N°191, 17 May 2010

Newly revealed evidence of war crimes in Sri Lanka last year makes an international inquiry essential.

The Sri Lankan Tamil Diaspora after the LTTE,

Asia Report Nº186, 23 Feb 2010

For the past quarter-century the Tamil diaspora has shaped the Sri Lankan political landscape through its financial and ideological support to the military struggle for an independent Tamil state.

Sri Lanka: A Bitter Peace,

 Asia Briefing N°99, 11 Jan 2010

No matter which of the two main Sinhalese candidates wins Sri Lanka’s 26 January presidential election, the international community must take steps to ensure he addresses the marginalisation of Tamils and other minorities in the interest of peace and stability.

Sri Lanka’s Judiciary: Politicised Courts, Compromised Rights,

Asia Report N°172, 30 Jun 2009

Sri Lanka’s judiciary is failing to protect constitutional and human rights.

Development Assistance and Conflict in Sri Lanka: Lessons from the Eastern Province,

Asia Report N°165, 16 Apr 2009

Violence, political instability and the government’s reluctance to devolve power or resources to the fledgling provincial council are undermining ambitious plans for developing Sri Lanka’s Eastern Province.

Sri Lanka’s Eastern Province: Land, Development, Conflict,

Asia Report N°159, 15 Oct 2008

Sri Lanka’s government must address the security needs and land-related grievances of all ethnic communities in its Eastern Province or risk losing a unique opportunity for development and peace.

Sri Lanka’s Return to War: Limiting the Damage,

Asia Report N°146, 20 Feb 2008

Sri Lanka is in civil war again, and there are no prospects of a peace process resuming soon.

Sri Lanka: Sinhala Nationalism and the Elusive Southern Consensus,

 Asia Report N°141, 7 Nov 2007

Sinhala nationalism, long an obstacle to the resolution of Sri Lanka’s ethnic conflict, is again driving political developments on the island.

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