About This Blog

The International Crisis Group launched it’s a new blog, “On the African Peace-building Agenda”, on 1 October 2009.  This blog offers frequent analysis and commentary on sub-Saharan African affairs from the perspective of conflict prevention and conflict resolution.  Blog entries will be published in English, French and Arabic.

Given the success of Crisis Group’s first blog, “Solving the EU-Turkey-Cyprus Triangle”, which since its launch in February has become one of our most popular web pages, we feel the appetite for a similar blog on Africa will be strong.

The idea behind both these blogs is not to offer a quick yet forgettable statement on every event nor to be seen to jump into every public debate. The point is to offer considered analysis and well-reasoned discussion on major issues concerning violent conflict, offering ideas to avert it before it starts and end it once it begins. In this sense, Crisis Group considers these efforts in the tradition of the “slow blog”.

As always, we welcome your thoughts and suggestions on this blog and on our other outputs. You can contact us here.